ADIDAS shoe technologies:



The BOOST™ technology returns more energy than any other cushioning material in the running industry. It combines comfort and returns energy at take-off thus gives an excelllent running experience.
The BOOST™ cushioning is softer and returns more energy than the conventional EVA.
Until now comfortable meant: soft. Energy return meant: hard. Running shoes were either comfortable or fast. The Energy Boost offers both.
Light, air permeable and was designed to take the shape of the foot. The Energy Boost is comfortable without hindering.

It’s found in the shoe’s heel. Helps reducing the impacts during running, protects the heels and spares the joints from stress.

It’s found under the toe piece of the shoe. Helps at take-offs and smoothens running. It can also be placed at the entire front area of the foot (full forefoot AdiPRENE+)

torsion system
Really lightweight arch support. It helps the forefoot and the rear foot to move independently.


Small cushions anatomically fit inside the ankle part of the midsole. By heat they align themselves to the foot thereby increasing comfort and well-being.


non marking


A type of shoe sole which won’t leave any marks on the floor at indoor gyms.



A removable shoe insert for the better size fitting of children’s shoes.

A technology used mainly in tennis and handball shoes. It’s an abrasion-resistant material which improves the durability of the shoe’s outsole at high sideways acting forces.


A separated heel on the shoe. When running on uneven ground the heel moves independently so the foot doesn’t twine. Offers greater comfort and amplified freedom of movements.


Adidas shoes can be divided into two groups:

1. Cushion: for people with “normal foot alignment” whose soles naturally tilt outwards.
2. Control: for people whose soles tilt inwards and thereby need a support which tilts the sole into the right direction. Pro-modorator was designed for this purpose: an extremely lightweight midsole support system made out of thermoplastic urethane (TPU).

Important: If someone’s feet are already tilting outwards then choosing a Control type shoe isn’t recommended at all because it will force the feet even more outwards.



Wear resistant material found on the outsole of the shoe making it more durable and resistant to abrasion even at high strain.




The a3 outsole was designed with the usual outsole’s anti-collision protectors while it has several beneficial performance properties: cold and warm environment don’t affect the structure’s performance or comfort.



Shoes made with minimal or no sewing at all so they don’t irritate the foot during running.


Blown Rubber:

Unlike solid rubber this rubber was ‘blown up’ making it lighter and having more traction then conventional rubber.



A foam used in most running shoes’ soles. The pressed ethyl vinyl acetate is heated up and then injected into the shape of the shoe. It is light, elastic and a good damper.




The studs on the outsole give excellent traction on all soft surfaces without meaning exaggerated pressure points to the foot.

Originally made for football where the tapered shape of the studs gives excellent ground penetration without the usual “stud pressure” force against the foot. These shoes are ideal for outdoor sports activities which require great outsole traction.


The best ventilating shoes. Usually the shoes midsole have small holes and the vamp is made out of “pearl canvas” textile.


The warmest shoes. They keep the heat generated by the wearer’s foot inside still letting the sweat escape making them most comfortable to wear.



Breathable but still greatly water and wind resistant construction used in boots or at the outer surface of the shoes for keeping the foot dry.







Breathable water resistant coating. Protects against bad weather conditions.



Strategically placed rubber elements on the upper part of the football shoe. Gives better ball grip, greater stability and improved rotation. Grants greater force, stability, and accuracy when passing, dribbling or shooting.



A sole sponge material which takes up the wearers foot shape to provide more comfort. The material doesn't absorb water.



A sole foam material which takes up the wearers foot shape to provide more comfort. The material doesn't absorb water.



The OrthoLite technology is an antibacterial shoe insert which leads away humidity.

An accessory for the micoach products, a step-counter. It fits into the inner sole of the shoes left part. This is important for comfort and aesthetical reasons.




A spongy sole which is very comfortable. It adapts to the wearers foot during use and regains it's original shape after.



Made with Prima Loft technology which means a floss technology. Water resistant, warm and windproof.



The isolating material is a so called short-threaded synthetic type. Protected with a unique patent, the polyester threads model synthetic floss which is then treated with DWR. These specialy treated threads make the PrimaLoft isolation very warm and it can be compressed very good yet it is still very light even wet because it doesn't absorb humidity and therefore doesn't change in properties. The principle of operation is like the flosses but it is not made out of polyester instead of horn and therefore it is hydrophobic. The big surface can keep much air which is warmed by the body's heat. Because of the great surface the isolation won't let the air and so the body cool down and conserves the body's heat.


3D adiprene


adiprene cradle




heel stabilizer

protection plate


sprint frame




ADIDAS textile technologies:




Keeps you cool due the mesh fabric and the aluminum-silver heat dissipating spots.

Clima 365:


A generic term which includes clima-lite, clima-cool, clima-warm and clima-proof technologies.

With these technologies the body can be kept at the right temperature 365 days a year for optimal performance.


Material which comes in contact with the skin and leads away sweat, keeps the body dry and helps cooling by evaporating sweat.


The best ventilating material that not only leads away sweat and keeps the body dry but because it’s rare woven at more sweaty parts of the body the air can get through the textile and thereby effectively cool the skin.


Clima Warm:
Keeps the body warm but still let’s the sweat escape thus keeps the body dry too.



Wind, water and storm resistant textiles which withstand the weather and protect the wearer against them.


Important: In order for the clothes to meet their “task” properly you shouldn’t mix different textile types. For example if you wear a clima-lite shirt for training to keep you dry but put on a cotton sweater which soaks up the humidity the clima-lite shirt can’t provide evaporation.


Many people are refraining from clima365 textiles because they think the feel recalls the “lame, cheap plastic” and “sparkling in the dark” materials. But you have to try only once how it is to train in a cotton shirt and then try training in a clima-lite shirt. The cotton soaks up the sweat and it’s very uncomfortable to train in a humid, wet shirt. But the clima technology textiles lead away the humidity and make you more confident during exercise. Wearing such clothes is much more comfortable.


The aim of the Adidas TechFit products is to coordinate the joints, balance the muscles and improve the posture for greater performance. The result will be better rapidity in situations where force or speed plays a crucial role like running, sideways movement (tennis), sudden starts and stops (football) or at lifting great weights (bodybuilding).
The Adidas TechFit clothes are skintight manufactured and because of their compression materials they reduce muscle vibration and improve blood streaming thereby help the athlete to reach optimal and effective power effort and consumption.


Piece of advice: You should always choose the same size TechFit product as your usual clothes size. If you usually wear for example size 38 clothing then you should also choose a size 38 TechFit clothing too because the tight tailoring of the TechFit products help supporting the muscles and thereby aid the athlete.


Practical advice for women: The TechFit and TechFit-like fitness clothing is usually produced with an internal bra. At first it can be a bit difficult the put on such clothing. A good way is to first fit on the bra part and then just simply pull down the rest of the outer clothing.



Textile made with 3 dimensional designing which won’t disturb during movements. They are manufactured with flat sewing so they don’t irritate the skin. It’s specific to running clothes and tennis clothing.


Material of swimming clothes. It is greatly chlorine withstanding.



The lycra material is very elastic and grants great comfort and free movement. It's greatly chlorine and salt water withstanding. This high quality thread is used in combination with other natural or synthetic thread.


This product is part of the Better Place programme; It's produced environment-friendly.

climalite cotton



wind stopper

wind stopper soft shell






slim fit

fitted fit








ADIDAS accessories technologies:


uv protection



Properties: leads away humidity, dries quickly, keeps you cool -due to increased ventialtion-,  comfortable and really lightweight.

uv m

uv s


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